The Weekly Reload Podcast

VCDL's Philip Van Cleave on the Upcoming Virginia Elections

September 13th, 2021

On this episode, Virginia Citizen Defense League's (VCDL) president Philip Van Cleave joins the show to discuss his group's defamation suit against the Coalition to Stop Gun Violence (CSGV).

He talks about why the group feels CSGV falsely labeling them a "domestic terror organization" is actionable and why VCDL believes it can reach the high bar to win a defamation case. He also discusses the upcoming elections in Virginia, what VCDL is doing to elect pro-gun candidates, and why they haven't endorsed Republican gubernatorial candidate Glenn Younkin.

I also talk to contributing writer Jake Fogelman about President Biden's decision to withdraw his ATF nominee after a series of exclusive reports from The Reload uncovered his questionable background.

Plus, I interview Reload Member John Mcadams about what got him into big game hunting and how the pandemic has driven new people to hunting.