The Weekly Reload Podcast

National Review's Jim Geraghty on NRA Turmoil and Fallout From Biden's Failed ATF Nomination

September 20th, 2021

This week, I spoke with National Review's Senior Political Correspondent Jim Geraghty. As you might gather from his title, Jim has a lot of experience in covering and analyzing politics. He's also spent a good amount of time covering gun politics and, in particular, the National Rifle Association.

That's why I wanted to have him on to discuss the failure of President Joe Biden's ATF Director nomination. Jim also provides some key insight into what will likely come next in President Biden's efforts to install a director as well as his pursuit of new gun-control measures.

Jim also gave us his take on what's going on with the NRA and where the corruption charges levied against it in New York are headed.

Plus, Contributing Writer Jake Fogelman and I talk about the latest estimates on how many new gun owners have been created this year and what that means for the long-term future of guns in America. And we discuss the last two installments of my exclusive, in-depth interview with gun activist Rob Pincus.