The Weekly Reload Podcast

Gun Activism on the Local Level With the CEO of San Diego County Gun Owners

September 27th, 2021

On this episode, I talk with Wendy Hauffen of San Diego County Gun Owners. She provides insight into what it's like to run an effective gun-rights organization at the local level.

She described how her group was able to persuade the sheriff to issue more concealed-carry permits. They were able to get him to change the policy even though a court challenge was unable to change the state's law.

We also talked about how the group has been able to bring women into the gun-owning community. She said the #NotMe program they run has already helped train 500 women and Hauffen said it is continuing to grow.

I also talk with contributing writer Jake Fogelman about the NRA's upcoming oversight meetings, and why it distanced itself from CEO Wayne LaPierre in court filings this week. Plus, Jake tells us about how California is now set to share the personal information of gun owners with researchers across the country.