The Weekly Reload Podcast

Active Self Protection's John Correia on Evidence-Based Armed Defense Training

September 3rd, 2021

This week's guest is John Correia of Active Self Protection. He gives us a deep dive into what it's like to run a YouTube business with millions of followers. He also talks about why he takes a different, less-polarizing approach to making gun content for the internet.

John has been studying and breaking down deadly-force encounters caught on video for years now. His channel has become the premier place for evidence-based advice on how best to survive an attack. And he shares some of the biggest insights he's gained doing the endless research required to build his channel and Active Self Protection's unique training courses.

Contributing writer Jake Fogelman and I also give an update on the CDC"s new push to fund gun research and just how many guns were sold in August. Plus, I talk to Reload member Cal Davis about his background with guns and why he decided to subscribe!