The Weekly Reload Podcast

Members of Asian American and Pacific Islander Gun Owners (AAPIGO) Discuss Minority Gun Rights

August 27th, 2021

On this week's episode, I talked to three members of Asian American and Pacific Islander Gun Owners leadership team.

Scott Kane, Bobby Yang, and Raphael Platte joined me to discuss the new group's recent range day as well as their concealed-carry permit protest event. The three are relative new comers to the world of gun-right activism but they've identified a need in the gun owning community and are trying to fill it. They talked about their efforts to engage with Asian-Americans interested in owning guns and what they plan to do moving forward to grow the group.

We also talked a bit about why a group specifically designed to appeal to Asian-Americans is necessary and how it can offer services and a form of community other groups can't or won't.

Scott talked about his family's run in with racist intimidation that inspired him to buy a gun at the begining of the pandemic. Bobby also gave insight into how this activism plays into the greater political awakening of Asian-Americans in the wake of rising hate crimes. Plus, the three talk about their shared background in the tech world and how that informs their activism.

Give it a listen. I think you'll really enjoy it!