The Weekly Reload Podcast

National African American Gun Association President Philip Smith on Biden's ATF Nominee David Chipman

August 21st, 2021

This week, I'm joined by Philip Smith who is the head of the National African American Gun Association.

He talks about President Joe Biden's (D.) nominee to head the ATF, David Chipman, and the allegations of racism levied against him by former agents. Smith says Chipman is the wrong man for the job and talks about why the acting director is a better pick.

Smith also responds to recent assertions that the Second Amendment itself is the result of racism. He also discusses the group's Supreme Court brief calling for the end of New York's restrictive "may-issue" concealed carry law due to the historically racist use of such laws. And he gives an update on the group's growth as well as the growth in black gun ownership over the past year.

Plus, I give an update on the horrific situation in Afghanistan including new gun confiscation efforts by the Taliban. And The Reload's newest contributing writer Jake Fogleman stops by to introduce himself!