The Weekly Reload Podcast

Reload Members Q&A

March 14th, 2022

We're doing something different this week.

Instead of interviewing an expert on a single topic, we're letting Reload members interview us on a bunch of different topics. It's our first Q&A episode!

Contributing Writer Jake Fogleman and I answer questions on a wide range of stories. What is going on with gun laws and armed civilians in Ukraine? How could it affect American gun politics?

How much control does Wayne LaPierre have over the NRA board?

What's happening with President Biden's pistol brace ban proposal? How does grandfathering play into his plan?

What would it take to get a national reciprocity bill? When could gun owners see carry bans or AR-15 bans come to an end? What effect could the Supreme Court's gun-carry case have on that timeline? How might that same Supreme Court ruling affect demand for guns in deep blue states?

Plus, what's the best way to improve media coverage of gun issues throughout the country?