The Weekly Reload Podcast

Former NRA Board Member Rocky Marshall on the Group's Legal Struggles

March 5th, 2022

The NRA will not be forced to close down due to the New York Attorney General's corruption suit.

However, the case remains active. So, former NRA board member Rocky Marshall joined the show this week to discuss the internal fight over the corruption allegations against NRA Executive Vice President Wayne LaPierre and other members of leadership.

Marshall is one of the few board members to publicly oppose LaPierre and make efforts to remove him from leadership. Last year, he became the first person to run against LaPierre for Executive Vice President.

He said he is glad the Attorney General won't be able to shutter the organization. He also said he believes the evidence shows LaPierre did divert large sums of NRA money to his own personal expenses. Marshall argued the group has been seriously harmed by that corruption and must be reformed if it hopes to survive.

But the board remains almost entirely behind LaPierre. Marshall lost the election to LaPierre in a landslide, and he wasn't renominated to run for the board again this year. Plus, NRA lawyers have accused him of trying to take over control of the NRA for himself.

Marshall said the board is effectively controlled by a small number of board members who are on many of the most important board committees. He argued that group of LaPierre loyalists controls the board nomination process, which goes through the board's nominating committee, and forces internal critics off their committee positions and the board as a whole.

He said the only hope for the NRA is a member-led reform movement and said that's what he is focusing his efforts on now.

Plus, Contributing Writer Jake Fogleman and I discuss where President Biden's Supreme Court nominee may end up on gun law.