The Weekly Reload Podcast

Debating Gun Salesman Turned Gun-Control Activist Ryan Busse

December 20th, 2021

Ryan Busse joins the show this week to talk about his transformation from Kimber sales executive to Giffords senior advisor.

Busse spent decades in the firearms industry but left last year and has now published a tell-all book slamming his former employer, Kimber, and many former colleagues. Kimber has since denounced him, and many I've spoken to in the gun-rights movement have questioned how important he was to the company and the industry as a whole. Still, his book has received a great deal of attention throughout the media.

After reading the entire book, I feel it has many flaws common to the tell-all genre. It decries the excesses of the gun industry while extolling Busse's rise inside of it. Additionally, the book condemns how some in the gun-rights movement demonize those on the other side, but it often does the same thing in the other direction.

To his credit, Busse was willing to come on the show knowing he would face difficult questions. He responded to each of my critiques with his thoughts. And, he challenged me on several points as well.

I strongly believe in having conversations with those from all sides who are willing to have them. And Busse's critiques aren't all without merit.

I did my best to avoid a cable-news-style shouting match. Instead, I think we did a good job of not talking over one another. I much prefer having an exchange of ideas where each person can actually present their thoughts in their own words rather than being interrupted.

Of course, even an hour isn't nearly enough time to discuss everything in Busse's book. I know there were points where I wish I'd made one point or another. I'm sure Busse feels the same way too.

But, I think the conversation was worthwhile, and people ought to read the book so they can judge for themselves.

Plus, Jake Fogleman and I discuss how Democrats have begun to endorse the model set by the Texas abortion law. Except, they want to apply it to gun-control laws. We talk about how that could end up.