The Weekly Reload Podcast

Guns Out TV's Shermichael Singleton on the Changing Face of Gun Culture

December 27th, 2021

On this special Christmas edition of the podcast, Guns Out TV co-host Shermichael Singleton joins me to talk about how his show exemplifies how the gun world is changing.

He and his co-host John Keyes are black gun owners and Shermichael explains how they consciously work to represent the proud tradition of black gun ownership in America. He talks about how icons from previous generations, including the Deacons of Defense, have inspired the show and what the pair are trying to accomplish with it. We also discuss how gun owners have been becoming younger and more diverse over the past several years. We talk about how that impacts the industry and what kinds of offerings and experiences are being offered out there these days.

Going through those experiences and reviewing the new guns being put out there is a big part of Guns Out. The show captures how fun the shooting sports can be. That's the main thrust of what Shermichael and John do in the show.

But, they don't disregard the political side of guns either. They are enthusiastic backers of Gun Owners of America and they've made videos that explore how proposed legislation could affect the guns they enjoy most. Plus, Shermichael has an accomplished background in Republican politics having served on campaigns for Newt Gingrich, Mitt Romney, and Ben Carson.

He also regularly appears on MSNBC. We get into what it's like to go on a channel that features a lot of people who strongly disagree with him on guns. And he explains why he believes it's important to be in spaces like that.

Plus, we talk about my appearance on one of the first episodes they ever filmed and the new season they're premiering on the Warrior Poet Society Network early next year.