The Weekly Reload Podcast

We Answer All Your Gun Questions

August 21st, 2023

It has been a little while since we've done a Q&A podcast. So, we decided to take some questions from Reload Members for this week's episode.

And we got a lot of great questions. I'm not sure if buying a Reload Membership makes somebody smarter or if only smart people buy Reload Memberships, but, either way, we always seem to get really great questions during these Q&As. This time was no different.

We received shrewd questions on a variety of topics. Lots of members wanted to know about the timing of many of the gun cases that have made their way up the federal court system since Bruen was handed down last year. They also wanted to know what cases the Supreme Court is likely to take up. Will SCOTUS accept one of the "assault weapons" ban cases? What about the pistol brace ban?

Also, what's going on with weed and guns? Where is that combination from a legal standpoint?

And what are we seeing from all those new gun owners that have come into the fold over the last few years? Are the predictions of their huge impact panning out? How can we even tell?

There were lots of other great questions too. So, make sure you listen to the full show.