The Weekly Reload Podcast

The Practical Realities of Trump Becoming a Prohibited Person

June 3rd, 2024

This week, we saw the first felony conviction of a former president.

Obviously, the verdict will have all sorts of complications and consequences for Donald Trump. One of them is the fact he'll now be a prohibited person. He won't be allowed to buy or even possess guns.

To discuss the details of what that will look like, we have federal litigator and legal commentator Gabriel Malor on the show. He walks through how Trump's New York convictions trigger the federal felon-in-possession ban and the same ban in his home state of Florida. He also talks about how Trump can legally transfer his guns to friends or family, but also can't be in a position where he even just has access to them.

That might cause issues with his armed Secret Service detail, but Malor said that's unlikely.

He also gave an overview of how Trump might get his gun rights back. The most likely course is to win on appeal, but he could also try to have his record expunged after serving his sentence. Or, one of the Second Amendment challenges brought by a similarly situated non-violent felon could undo the federal ban altogether.