The Weekly Reload Podcast

The Heritage Foundation's Amy Swearer On California's Magazine Confiscation Law Being Upheld

December 6th, 2021

The Heritage Foundation's Amy Swearer joins us this week on the podcast. As a Second Amendment policy wonk at one of the top conservative think tanks in D.C., she provides some salient critiques of the logic behind many of the most prominent gun-control policies.

We talked about the reasoning in the Ninth Circuit's majority opinion upholding California's magazine confiscation law as an example of that logic. Amy explains why she believes arguments for restricted "assault weapons" or magazines that hold more than ten rounds based on the idea they are "designed for the battlefield" don't hold water. She points to the common ownership of both in civilian circles and the arbitrary nature of the laws banning them as prime evidence the policies aren't fitting. And she notes the fact that the laws almost always exempt police, even off-duty and retired officers, from the restrictions is further evidence the main concern is not about the military usefulness of the guns and magazines.

We also took some time to discuss a new initiative from the Biden Administration that should actually be encouraging for gun owners. Unlike previous efforts from the president, this one focuses on voluntary measures and awareness campaigns to try and curb suicides among gun owners and veterans alike. Amy said the plan is something the administration has done little to publicize but is actually a step in the right direction.

Plus, Jake Fogleman and I discuss the latest developments in the Alec Baldwin shooting. I go over why it's possible his gun fired without the trigger being pulled, but extremely unlikely. And, Jake gives a more detailed look at the specifics of the Ninth Circuit ruling as well as the likely fallout from it.