The Weekly Reload Podcast

Debating David French About Rittenhouse and Open Carry

November 29th, 2021

This week we're doing a special early episode of the podcast. The Dispatch's David French joins the show to discuss his reaction to the Kyle Rittenhouse verdict.

David has been at the center of controversy for the past several years for his staunch criticism of former President Donald Trump. Now, he's generated more criticism for his opinion on the Rittenhouse case.

We discuss the details of the case and why David believes the not guilty verdict was the correct one. He argues Rittenhouse did not commit murder as a matter of law. However, he argues Rittenhouse was no hero either.

We also debate where the line is for appropriate use of force during a riot. When is it appropriate to use a gun to defend property? Is it ever?

Plus, David believes the open carry of rifles is inherently a problem and could be legally restricted. We debate the merits of open carry and of banning it.