The Weekly Reload Podcast

Georgia Governor Brian Kemp on Why Gun Owners Should Re-Elect Him

February 14th, 2022

Georgia Governor Brian Kemp (R.) joined the podcast this week to discuss his approach to gun policy and why he thinks gun owners should vote for him.

We started off by discussing his background with guns. He talked about how he got into hunting and how members of his family have become concealed carriers themselves.

Kemp also explained getting permitless gun-carry passed this year is his top priority. He said he was confident the policy would pass this year because lawmakers will be more motivated after the rioting of 2020. He said voters would prefer his record to promises made by his primary opponent former Senator David Perdue (R.).

“I think that’s what people want,” Kemp said. “They want a governor that’s got a record of not only saying what they’re going to do but actually doing it when they’re in office, which is what I’ve done. Versus somebody like my opponent who promises everything, goes and does something differently or is a johnny-come-lately to the policy side of this.”

He accused Perdue of supporting permitless carry out of political convenience.

“Anybody who gets into the governor’s race is now supportive of Constitutional carry,” Kempt said. “I would remind you that I was for it back when I campaigned back in 2017 and 18. I’ve got a strong Second Amendment record.”

Kemp also went after Abrams during our interview. He attacked her as somebody who wants to confiscate firearms.

“Well, I think if you really translate what she’s saying is she doesn’t want law-abiding people to have firearms and to be able to carry,” Kemp said.

He also said her objections to permitless carry were unfounded and said it was vital for gun owners that she not win the race.

“Obviously, those individuals shouldn’t be allowed to carry,” Kemp said. “The legislation would prevent that. But when you have people that break the law, they don’t really care about this. This is about letting lawful people be able to carry their weapon and protect themselves.”

He said he was the only candidate on the Republican side who could defeat her.

Oddly, both Perdue and likely Democratic nominee Stacey Abrams (D.) told The Reload they question Kemp's commitment to permitless carry since he was unable to pass it during his time in office. Each campaign fired back at Perdue's comments on the show. You can read more about the Perdue and Abrams exchanges in our reporting from Friday.

Kemp also talked at length about how he is bringing gun companies to Georgia, whether the state is turning purple, and how he believes Georgia Democrats have moved too far to the left on guns.

Plus, Contributing Writer Jake Fogleman joins me to talk about the Air Force being forced to compensate victims of the Sutherland Spring shooting and Beto O'Rourke backtracking on his pledge to take away people's AR-15s.