The Weekly Reload Podcast

Looking Ahead at the Midterms With Bearing Arms' Cam Edwards

October 24th, 2022

The election is fast approaching, and they will determine control of Congress as well as the future of federal gun legislation.

So, this week, we've got Cam Edwards of Bearing Arms on the show to talk about the impact of guns on the midterms. Or, really, whether they will have much of an impact. After all, the most recent polling shows Americans have lost interest in the issue as the election draws nearer.

The gun groups have still raised and spent tens of millions thus far, with more to come. But they've all hedged their bets as well by incorporating other issues into their messaging.

Cam noted that very few candidates have focused exclusively on guns either. And those who have, such as Texas Democrat Beto O'Rourke, are struggling to get close to their opponents.

Still, Cam argued the issue is not a non-factor. As he noted, guns are rarely the top issue in a campaign season. Instead, gun policy can help push a close election a few points in either direction. That can be decisive in the very races likely to decide control of Congress.

He also pointed to two gun-related ballot measures that are likely to serve as a real-world test of the issue's ability to drive votes.

Plus, I explain why I decided to become a CNN analyst and what my role is going to look like.