The Weekly Reload Podcast

Hunter Biden's Gun Convictions and the NRA's New CEO (Ft. Bearing Arms' Cam Edwards)

June 17th, 2024

This week, a jury found the President's son guilty of federal gun felonies.

We've got one of the country's best and most prolific gun writers on the show to discuss that development. Cam Edwards is the editor of Bearing Arms and the host of Cam and Company. He said he wasn't surprised by Hunter Biden's conviction but wasn't necessarily celebrating it.

He said the evidence against Hunter was formidable and noted the vast majority of federal charges that make it to trial end in a guilty plea or conviction. Still, he questioned the underlying law that Hunter was convicted on. He said the First Son has a real chance at a successful Second Amendment challenge.

Cam also gave us insight into his recent interview with new NRA CEO Doug Mills. It was one of Mills's first long-form interviews, and Cam said the venue sent as much of a message as anything they discussed. That's because Cam has been a vocal critic of the mismanagement and corruption of the gun group's previous leadership.

Still, Cam said he was also encouraged by what Mills did say about his commitment to transparency and change. But he is also hoping to see more concrete signs of movement from the NRA before fully returning to the fold.