James Fishman

Special guest

Professor Fishman is the author of The Transformation of Threadneedle Street, a study of the deregulation of the U.K.’s securities markets, and The Faithless Fiduciary, a history of the enduring problem of opportunistic behavior by charitable fiduciaries, and the inability to create an effective system of oversight or accountability for charitable assets. He is coauthor (with Karen Alinauskas, Victoria B. Bjorklund and Daniel L. Kurtz) of New York Nonprofit Law and Practice with Tax Analysis (LexisNexis 3rd ed. 2014 with annual supplement), and Cases and Materials on Nonprofit Organizations (with Stephen Schwarz and Lloyd Hitoshi Mayer), (Foundation Press, 6th ed. 2021 with annual supplement.). He has written law review articles on nonprofit law, education, and international securities regulation. He serves on the boards of the Lotos Foundation, the NY Common Pantry, and the Trollope Society (USA).

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