The Weekly Reload Podcast

Cam Edwards on Virginia's Election Tightening as Guns Become Flashpoint

October 25th, 2021

Cam Edwards of Bearing Arms joins the show this week as the Virginia elections enter their homestretch. He argues Republican gubernatorial candidate Glenn Youngkin has actually surged into the lead over Democrat Terry McAuliffe.

We talk about how Dominion Energy's underhanded attempt to discourage gun owners has backfired and helped Youngkin close the gap. Cam and I both live in Virginia, though very different parts of the state, and have been targeted by the disingenuous ads that attack the Republican from the right on guns despite being created by a liberal consulting group.

But, the shadowy effort to keep gun owners from voting also shows Youngkin may have miscalculated by keeping the gun-rights groups at arm's length. Should he have pursued the gun vote harder than he did? With the election so close, even though the issue hasn't been a top priority until late, the turnout of gun voters could well turn the election.

Every little bit matters when you're in a race that comes down to just a few points. Dominion's meddling backfired on them, but will Youngkin's tightrope act backfire on him too? Or, will he motivate enough downstate gun owners to vote while bringing out Northern Virginia voters who an NRA endorsement may have turned off?

Plus, we talk about how the 2019 McAuliffe comments I unearthed earlier this month could hurt his fellow Democrat Attorney General Mark Herring as he runs for re-election. And, contributing writer Jake Fogleman and I detail the big ruling from Pennsylvania's Supreme Court that could have a big impact on illegal local gun restrictions.